Seeds / Wildflower Seed is proud to offer a great selection of wildflower Seeds. From nearly 100 different individual wild flower species to a specific wildflower mixture for your area, we have the right seed. Not just any seed, quality wildflower seed. There are no fillers of any kind in our mixtures or individual wildflower species. Just pure wild flower seed that is ready to plant and turn in to a beautiful display of wildflowers.

Need help with planting? Check out our Wildflower Seed Planting Guide.

These regional wildflower seed mixtures have special environmental conditions that makes these blends especially well suited for its conditions. A mix of perennials and annuals that are adapted to a specific geogrpahical location to tolerate the rainfall, as well as sunny conditions, extreme temperatures, and other environmental considerations that these regional wildflower seed mixtures are formulated for. Have a large wild flower meadow where you need lots of seed? No problem, we give volume discounts as well.
These specialty wildflower seed mixtures are designed for specific purposes such as an all annual wildflower seed mix or an all perennial wildflower seed mix. Not only that, we have wild flower mixtures for specific circumstances such as really moist environments, attracting birds and butterflies, deer proof wildflower seed mixtures, dryland mixtures, and many more. Have a large wild flower meadow where you need lots of seed? No problem, we give volume discounts as well.
There are many types of flowers seeds that you may want to purchase that are not technically "wild flower seeds." Flowers such as morning glory, nasturtium, sweet peas, hollyhock, and many more wonderful flowers grow great in your flower garden, but are not considered wild flowers; therefore, if you want to view our full selection of flower seeds (wildflower single species and garden flower seeds) just click the picture. It will take you to nearly 400 more flower seeds for you to choose from.
If you are wanting to create your own color scheme with wildflowers, than look no further than our color shades selection. You can find shades of blue, green, orange, pink, red, yellow, and white. These are all annual wildflowers so they have a long bloom season. Most annual flowers will drop their flower seeds in the fall and germinate the next spring giving you another dazzling display of colors. Buy red, white, and blue to make your own patriotic wildflower display!