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Ice Plant Seeds - Congestum

Ice Plant (Delosperma Congestum) - What a carefree yet gorgeous ground cover plant! Excellent for containers or rock gardens, grow Ice Plant from ground cover seeds and watch it thrive! This Ice Plant is marked by succulent apple green foliage and brilliant yellow flowers that open in the morning and close in the late afternoon.

Ice Plant Seeds - Mix

Ice Plant Mix (Dorotheanthus Bellidiformis Mix) - Start this Ice Plant seed mix and enjoy the brilliant colors in this ground cover plant. Also known as Livingstone Daisy, this showy, trailing plant is frost tender making it an annual in most areas of the United States.

Ice Plant Seeds - Orange

Ice Plant (Dorotheanthus Bellidiformis Gelato Orange) - Orange Ice Plant ground cover can be started easily and quickly with Ice Plant seed. The bright colored daisies of Ice Plant are typically 1 1/2 inches across with dozens of long, slender petals jammed around a black eye. The blooms face straight up on plants that just reach 4 - 6 inches tall.

Ice Plant Seeds - Red

Ice Plant (Dorotheanthus Bellidiformis Gelato Bright Red) - Enjoy this fast-spreading, red Ice Plant ground cover. It establishes easily and quickly from Ice Plant seeds and is a free-flowering, drought-tolerant, easy-to-care-for plant that thrives in the hot, dry soil.

Ice Plant Seeds - Stardust

Ice Plant (Delosperma Floribunda Stardust) - Start Ice Plant seeds and grow this terrific Purple Ice Plant ground cover that really covers hot, dry ground quickly and beautifully! Delosperma Purple Ice Plant is a fast-growing ground cover which vigorously spreads its succulent olive green foliage and 2 inch bright purple blooms to beautify your landscape.

Ice Plant Seeds - Table Mountain

Ice Plant (Delosperma Cooperi Table Mountain) - It only takes 4 months, and you will be able to enjoy this ground cover plant and the brilliant fuchsia blooms when you start Ice Plant seeds! This hardy, drought-tolerant ground cover plant forms a ground-hugging carpet that faithfully blooms season after season.

Ice Plant Seeds - White

Ice Plant (Dorotheanthus Bellidiformis Gelato White) - For an easy-to-care-for plant that thrives in the hot, dry soil, start Ice Plant seed. This white Ice Plant is a fast-spreading ground cover that is excellent for flower beds or spilling over the sides of containers.

Ice Plant Seeds - Yellow

Ice Plant (Dorotheanthus Bellidiformis Gelato Yellow Shades) - Enjoy this fast-spreading, sunny yellow Livingstone Daisy. It establishes easily and quickly from ground cover seeds. Livingstone Daisy Ice Plant is perfect for along the driveway, flower bed, or mass planting anywhere in your landscape.