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Shake 'N Seed Ground Cover

Now offering Shake 'N Seed (Patent Pending #13036355) ground covers in addition to ground cover seed sold in packets. No more trouble trying to figure out how to spread your ground cover seed. Simply Shake 'N Seed your way to a beautiful flowering ground cover. Look for the Shake 'n Seed option on indivual ground covers (not available for all seeds).

We are also continuously expanding our selection of ground covers so whether it is Irish Moss, Sedum, Dichondra, Creeping Thyme, or some other beautiful ground cover seed, you can find it here. We have annual and perennial ground cover plant seed to meet your needs.

Periwinkle Shake 'n Seed

Ajuga Groundcover Seeds

Ajuga (Ajuga Reptans) - Low-growing Ajuga thrives in partial shade and moist soil with good drainage but will tolerate moderately dry areas. In areas where the winter is not too severe, it stays evergreen, making it an excellent ground cover or addition to containers needing year-round appeal.

Anthyllis Seeds

Anthyllis (Anthyllis Vulneraria Coccinea Red Carpet) - Anthyllis seeds produce low-growing plants that grow to only 6 inches in height. This ground cover plant has a bluish-green foliage and orange-red flowers that begin blooming in the late spring. It is well-suited for rock gardens or is suitable for a ground cover in a sunny location.

Arenaria Montana Seeds

Arenaria (Arenaria Montana) - Establish this evergreen, low-growing, vigorous perennial with Arenaria Montana seeds. Arenaria Montana is a treasured alpine or rock garden plant. It forms a low-growing evergreen cushion of dark green leaves, and it produces many white flowers during springtime.

Bergenia Cordifolia Seeds

Bergenia (Bergenia Cordifolia) - Growing Bergenia seeds is a great way to start this ground cover! Bergenia plants are tough perennials that form a low, laterally spreading, herbaceous ground cover. The ground cover spreads by producing new plants from short underground stems.

Creeping Zinnia Seeds

Creeping Zinnia (Sanvitalia Procumbens) - What a delightful flowering ground cover plant! So easy to grow from Creeping Zinnia seeds, and what charm and beauty if offers all summer long. Sanvitalia Procumbens Creeping Zinnia is a low-growing, mat-forming annual that spreads 12 - 18 inches making it ideal for a summer ground cover.

Crucianella Seeds

Crossworts (Crucianella Stylosa Pretty Pink) - This is a very fast growing ground cover plant from Crucianella seeds. Crossworts gets masses of delicate pink flowers on it and only grows 8 inches tall.

Dahlberg Daisy Seeds

Dahlberg Daisy (Thymophylla Tenuiloba Gold Carpet) - Start Dahlberg Daisy seeds for a wonderfully colorful summer ground cover plant. Thymophylla Tenuiloba Dahlberg Daisy is a bushy, multi-branching little annual with deeply divided, threadlike leaves.

Edelweiss Seeds

Edelweiss (Leontopodium Alpinum) - Grow these famous flowers from Edelweiss seeds! Edelweiss is a favorite wildflower of the Swiss Alps, best suited to growing in a well-drained rock garden, mass ground cover planting, or alpine trough.

Foamflower Seeds

Foamflower (Tiarella Wherryi) - Grow this excellent ground cover for shade from Foamflower ground cover seeds. Foamflower plants thrive in cool, shaded areas, especially woodland conditions with humus-rich, moisture retentive soil in dappled to full shade.

Ground Ivy Seeds

Ground Ivy (Glechoma Hederacea) - This ground cover plant is an aromatic, perennial, evergreen creeper of the mint family. Ground ivy has numerous medicinal uses, and is used as a salad green in many countries.

Herniaria Glabra Seeds

Green Carpet (Herniaria Glabra) - This lowing growing ground cover only reaches about 3 inches in height and forms a matforming green carpet for carpet-bedding, a lawn alternative, low growing container gardening, etc. Herniaria glabra, also known as Rupturewort or Green Carpet, is a soft to walk on, evergreen grass substitute for many people.

Hypericum Seeds - Cerastoides

Hypericum (Hypericum Cerastoides Silvana) - Grown from ground cover seeds, Hypericum makes a great rock garden addition or weed suppressing ground cover plant. Hypericum prefer sunny locations where they can enjoy direct solar rays even throughout the entire day.

Iresine Seeds - Purple Lady

Iresine (Iresine Herbstii Purple Lady) - This dark purple-leafed accent plant is ideal for mixed containers, as a unique hanging basket or planter variety, and as a groundcover in the landscape.

Irish Moss Seeds

Irish Moss (Sagina Subulata) - Grow this luxurious, evergreen ground cover plant from Irish Moss seeds! Mossy foliage grows just 1 - 2 inches tall, for lovely color between flagstones or spilling over rocks. Dense tufts of slender stems grow together to form a lush carpet of green.

Kenilworth Ivy Seeds

Kenilworth Ivy (Cymbalaria Muralis) - Grow this lovely ground cover from seed! With scalloped leaves, and pretty lilac colored blooms, Kenilworth Ivy makes a wonderful ground cover plant. It performs well even in full shade, and it loves to cascade down a stone wall or spill over the sides of containers. The Cymbalaria Muralis plant also makes charming hanging baskets.

Legousia Blue Seeds

Legousia Blue (Legousia Speculum-veneris Blue) - Sowing Legousia Blue seeds is a great way to establish this lovely, spreading ground cover plant. Also known as Venus' Looking Glass, this annual is covered with pretty purple and lilac-blue flowers with a white center.

Limnanthes Douglasii Seeds

Poached Egg Plant (Limnanthes Douglasii) - Grow Limnanthes Douglasii seeds for this annual that is native to California. Limnanthes is commonly called Poached Egg Plant or Meadow Foam, and it is not only visually very striking and attractive, but it also has a very nice aroma as well.

Linaria Alpina Seeds

Linaria (Linaria Alpina) - This tiny trailing perennial is sometimes called Alpine Toadflax. It works well as a low-growing ground cover plant and establishes easily with Linaria seeds. Linaria Alpina has attractive green-gray foliage and bright violet flowers with an orange spot.

Melampodium Derby Seeds

Melampodium (Derby) - Start Melampodium seeds for a ground cover plant that makes a carpet of gold for any sunny location. Also known as Melampodium Butter Daisy or Melampodium Star Daisy, this little annual has 1 inch blooms that do not want to quit blooming and blooming.

Polygonum Capitatum Seeds

Pinkhead Smartweed (Polygonum Capitatum) - Polygonum Capitatum seeds can be grown to form a low-growing, spreading ground cover. A synonymous botanical name is Persicaria Capitata, and it has many common names: Pinkhead Smartweed, Pink Knotweed, Pink Clover, and Pink Fleece Flower. Pink Knotweed uses include containers, baskets, edging the front of the border or as ground cover plants.

Rock Rose Seeds

Rock Rose (Helianthemum Mutabile Mix) - Rock Rose seeds are easy and rewarding to grow. The ground cover seeds can be started in early spring directly outdoors after the danger of frost has passed. This evergreen flowering plant produces a mixture of flower colors that include white, pink, rose, red and yellow.

Snow in Summer Seeds

Snow in Summer (Cerastium Tomentosum) - Easy-to-grow from Snow in Summer seeds, this perennial is a great herbaceous ground cover plant which is low-growing, creeping, very dense and mat-like, and 6 inches tall by 12 - 24 inches wide. Although Cerastium Snow In Summer tolerates no foot traffic, it performs very well as a general flowering ground cover plant.

Speedwell Seeds - Creeping

Speedwell (Veronica Repens) - Did you know about this spectacular ground clover plant? Many gardeners are familiar with the tall growing Veronicas, but often they are not so familiar with this creeping Veronica ground cover plant. It grows easily from Speedwell seeds and is commonly called Creeping Speedwell.

Veronica Seeds

Veronica (Veronica Spicata) - What a strong bloomer! These lovely blue blooms are easily grown from Veronica seeds, and they will keep coming all summer long. Veronica Spicata, commonly called Spike Speedwell, has a low, compact and mat-forming habit that makes it well-suited as a ground cover plant.

Wintergreen Seeds

Wintergreen (Gaultheria Procumbens) - With a little patience, you can grow this beautiful creeping ground cover from Wintergreen seeds. Wintergreen ground cover is great for shady areas with acidic soil. It is low-growing, shrub-like and spreads to 24 inches wide by stolons.

Top Ground Cover Sellers:

Candytuft - Both the annual and perennial varieties of candytuft are very good ground covers plants. Annual candtuft, if planted from seed, it begins flowering withing just a few short months with colors ranging from white to pink to purple. Perennial candytuft is a low, semiwoody, densely growing, upright-stemmed, fast growing ground cover that reaches 10" tall.

Creeping Thyme - Both our regular creeping thyme and the magic carpet creeping thyme are two of our best selling ground cover seeds. Magic carpet is sold in packets so you don't get near as much seed as buying in bulk. This seed is just too expensive as it is imported from Europe. For large areas that need planted by seed, the wild creeping thyme is more suitable for that type of an application.

Dichondra - Dichondra is attractive due to its beautiful dark, green foliage. It is an evergreen plant can look beautiful all year in warmer climates. It will die out with hard frosts so it does not work will in colder zones. Dichondra has broad, almost circular leaves (looks similar to clover) and when mown low establishes a thick dense carpet look. Some people actually have dichondra lawns instead of grass lawns. Used in mass plantings for a low growing ground cover plant.

Ice Plant - Ice Plant ground cover plants produce brilliant fushia blooms in just four months from seed! This hardy, drought-tolerant plant forms a ground-hugging mat that blooms all summer long! A mainstay of the water-saving or dry-climate garden, this hardy Ice plant is a flowering ground cover that blooms for months with little to no care!

Irish Moss - The most popular ground cover seed we sell in packets. Very tiny seed so sowing properly is essential to success, but when properly planted is a wonder plant that is often sowed in between stepping stones or rocks. Use Shake 'n Seed for easy sowing. Irish Moss typically only grows 2" to 4" tall. It is one of the lowest growing ground covers that we sell.

Periwinkle - AKA vinca. For hot southern or desert climates or a hard to maintain spot near a concrete or reflecting wall, vinca is your plant! Blooms best when other plants are hurting from the heat. Very few insects or disease problems. This ground cover plant can be grown as a perennial in frost-free areas. Readily reseeds itself. Very drought tolerant.

Sedum - We offer three varieties of sedum, but only two of them (acre and dragon's blood) are typically used as ground covers. Sedum does not require much water at all even though it is shallow rooted. It like, Irish Moss, is one of the lowest growing ground covers we offer; however, sedum is more drought tolerant then Irish Moss.

Verbena - We offer several varieties of verbena sold in seed form. Moss verbena is sold by the pound and can be used for large areas where a flowering ground cover is needed. Our other verbenas are only sold in packet sizes so smaller scale operations are better suited for it.

Miniclover - This is the most versatile ground cover seed we offer. It can be used for erosion control, as a ground cover, as a lawn substitute, as a cover crop, and has many other used. Typically, it will stay less the 6" tall and can be mowed and trained to stay at a lower height. Clover does not require much water and can tolerate light shade.

Wildflowers - Sunburst is our lowest growing wildflower mix that can be used as a colorful flowering ground cover plant seed. It will bloom in six to eight weeks after planting in the spring in a vast array of colors. Even though it is an annual, most of the flowers will reseed themselves and come back the following spring.