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Banana - Ensete

Banana (Musa Ensete) - This Musa Ensete bush is cold hardy into and north of USDA Hardiness Zone 8. Regardless of your climate, you can always enjoy banana type bushes in containers or in greenhouses or as tender perennials. If you crave amazing, tropical, bold-textured foliage and exotic flowers in your garden, you should try growing your own banana bush!

Banana - Velutina

Banana (Musa Veluntina) - There's something mystical about a pink velvet banana that will make your neighbors want one of these special banana trees too. Let Musa velutina be your first introduction to hardy bananas and let it become a favorite in your summer garden. Rarely exceeding 3 feet tall, Musa velutina produces copious flower stalks near the top of the trunk, starting in late summer.