Lawn Aerators

Many lawns, particularly lawns which are used a lot, have a problem with compacted soil. Compacted soil restricts the movement of water and air to roots of plant life. The soil under lawns tends to compact readily because, unlike garden soil, it is virtually never worked or turned. This is where lawn aerating is needed as it is the alternative to tilling.

Intensively maintained lawns should be aerated twice a year or lawns with heavily compacted soil or severe thatch problems should be aerated twice a year. For other lawns, using a lawn aerator once a year is sufficient.

Mechanically lawn aerating is really a simple process. It consists of perforating the soil with either small or large holes, which allow water, air and fertilizer ot get to the roots. Using a liquid lawn aerator involves a different and more complex process to achieve aeration, but is very effective and easy to do. LazyMan adds organic compost and mycorrhizae to the soil which are both beneficial. In either case, using aerating enables roots to grow deeply and produce a more vigorous lawn.


Lawn Sandal Aerator

Strap on our aerator sandals and take a walk around your yard! The rugged steel spikes open air passages to help get water, air, and nutrients down to the root zone. Loosen and aerate compacted turf and soil with these spiked sandal aerator shoes. 26 steel spikes, each 1 1/2 inch long. Work as you walk.

LazyMan Liquid Gold

LazyMan™ Liquid Gold lawn aerator, dethatcher and conditioner is a 3-in-1 easy apply spray-on liquid application to aerate, dethatch, and condition your turf and soil. This revolutionary polymer based liquid (polymaleic anhydride terpolymer and maleic anhydride sulfonated copolymer) also has humic acids, non-pathogenic thatch eating microbes, and rhizobial microbes. The aeration portion of LazyMan Liquid Gold™ is a uniquely formulated high grade non-ionic soil aerator. It helps reduce crusting, loosens up hard clay soils, aggregates sandy soil, and allows water and oxygen to better reach plant roots by reducing the surface tension between the water and the soil.

LazyMan Soil Doctor

LazyMan Soil Doctor with 10-3-6 fertilizer is our latest release in a great line of products. We have enhanced LazyMan Liquid Gold and added a potent fertilizer to this proprietary blend. LazyMan Soil Doctor will Aerate, Dethatch, Fertilize, and Condition the soil for your lawn, flowers, vegetables, herbs, plants, etc.